Apply For An Unsecured Business Loan

Has your business been in operation for at least a year?
Does your business have a minimum turnover of R1 000 000?

Step 1: Business Address & Contact Details

Step 2: Business Owner Information

Step 3: Business Details

Real Examples Of Business Loans

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Scenario One

Sam is the owner of a busy coffee shop. Business is booming and while he’s just managing to keep up with demand during the week, he’s struggling to meet coffee orders on weekends. The answer is simple: Sam needs a second industrial coffee machine, but right now, he doesn’t have the R50 000 he needs to buy one. He’s tried applying for a traditional business loan, but hasn’t been able to jump all the hurdles. What he really needs to boost future sales is a fast, simple and effective alternative.


Business Fin can see Sam’s consistent income in the form of sales receipts/EFTPOS transactions. Within three days of Sam’s application, we are able to to secure him a facility amount of R50 000 with an associated facility fee of R12 500. Sam is able to repay the total sum of R62 500 through 26 weekly repayments of R2 404 and will be seeing a return on investment before other financial institutions have even processed his application form.

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Scenario Two

Sarah owns a convenience store and buys its best-selling product from a long term supplier. However, because of cash flow issues, she has had to negotiate payment terms of seven days after invoice with her supplier.


With a Business Fin Business Loan, Sarah has been able to use her business’ cash flow injection to offer her supplier upfront payment for the stock and negotiate a 5% discount on its best-selling product. Yes, she’s paying interest on her loan, but the profits she’ll be making month after month will earn her far more than she could ever have hoped to make without it. Plus, thanks to Business Fin Finance, she’s already making a weekly profit of 5% per week, whereas if she’d applied for a traditional loan with another financial institution, she’d probably still be waiting for her application to be approved.